3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Review

 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Review

This Simple Step counter is a brilliant piece of equipment. It is a large-print display of an ever-accumulating count of one's steps, in a reasonable sized pocket-ready shape, with just one "reset" button on the back. The data is "managed" very simply. You accumulate steps until you hit reset. You can then choose your own reset interval (10,000 steps in a day is a common benchmark, while others will do better with a weekly count). Most looking for this sort of motivation will hit reset and give no more thought to yesterday's performance. 

Some will want to keep a hand-written journal of each day's count. If you want more automated step count, other products in our review are likely more suitable. All the app-enabled devices, for instance, automatically and digitally organize your daily step count. The FitBit Zip Wireless and the Jawbone UP Move have an app-enabled feature that organizes your data for you. The Striiv Smart collects information on the device itself and in a PC based format. Of the devices that aren't "app-enabled", our other Best Buy winner Ozo Fitness SC2 records and organizes seven days of data, including distance and an estimate of calories burned. For absolute simplicity, the 3DFitBud and its doppelgänger and award winner CSX Simple Walking 3D, take the c

The FitBud has the absolute smallest depth of data in our test. It records steps, and only steps. The CSX Simple is similar in this regard. Every other device records some other sort of data, whether it is mileage, sleep information, or user-entered categories like diet and menstruation. Again, this contender is the simplest.

All the devices we tested, at a wide range of price points, use basically the same step counting technology. Compact digital accelerometer technology is fairly well-proven at this point. Each device uses a different algorithm to translate the raw movement information into a step count, but all seem to do so with reasonable accuracy. That being said, the objective OGL test of the accuracy of all our products revealed that the 3DFitBud had an average, to slightly above average accuracy. 

With a step count that only varied from the actual by 2.7 percent, only three products exceeded the accuracy of the Simple Step Counter. Interestingly, one of those that bested the 3DFitBud seemed otherwise to be exactly the same construction and design. In most ways, including visual appearance, the CSX Simple Walking 3Dwas the same as the 3DFitBud. However, in side-by-side testing, the CSX was more accurate. Because of the simple design of both these devices, and the incredibly low .4 percent error rate of the CSX, it got our Top Pick Award for simplicity of use. 

Testing the accumulating step attribute of the 3DFitBud on a day trip to Grand Teton National Park's Middle Teton peak. This is the step count just halfway through the day.

In terms of accuracy, other online reviews of the 3DFitBud are mixed. Some consumers report that their device counts way more steps than they actually take in a given time period. We had no such experience, so have to write off such reports as anomalies in construction. 

Ease of Use

A pedometer couldn't be easier to use. There is one button, the battery lasts a long time (we didn't test long enough to verify the manufacturers claimed one-year battery life, but we have no reason to believe it couldn't last almost that long) and the display is large and easy to read. 


There are smaller devices, and there are devices with more carry options. However, the 3DFitBud is small enough to disappear into most pockets, and that is all that counts. All the devices we tested, even the bulkiest Striiv Smart, aren't actually that large. Only those wearing tight clothes most of the time will notice these bulkier products and want to opt for something smaller.

Even the tightest of pockets have room for the svelte shape of the otherwise relatively bulky Simple Step Counter.

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