DC12V 260PSI Mini Auto Car Charger Air Compressor Pump Tire Inflator Electric

DC12V 260PSI Mini Auto Car Charger Air Compressor Pump Tire Inflator Electric

Product name: Portable Multifunctional Air Compressor
Rated voltage: 12V DC
Maximum pressure: 260psi
Weight: 850g
Power cord length: 2.8m
Pipe length: 50cm
Material: PVC
Power: 90W
Size: 18*6.5cm


1.Efficient and without causing much noise
2.Compact and beautiful
3.Rapid inflation: Inflate a tire fully for just 8-10 minutes.
4.With tire pressure monitoring instrument
5.Multifunctional and practical: can be applied for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, kayaks and balls etc.
6.Barometer: 260PSI
7.With high quality and good workmanship, conform to international standard.
8. It is especially useful when your car tire leaks air suddenly on the highway or in the field.
9. It does not occupy space. So you can prepare one, which will play a very important role in emergency.
10. With it, you can make your car tires keep correct tire pressure, which will help you save fuel and ensure driving safety.

How To Use:

Take out the plug and insert it directly into the car cigarette lighter. Open the switch of the air compressor. After the air compressor starts-up, insert air cock at the end of the inflation hose into the valve of the tire. When you hear the sound of the air leakage, you should twist the air cock to inflate the tire.
When inflating, the pointer will rise with the saturation level of tire. When the pointer points at the proper tire pressure (general car tire pressure is 223 kpa = 35 psi), pull out the plug and air cock. Thus the tire is inflated.

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